Receipts and proof of payment in Concur

Receipts and proof of payment in Concur

June 16, 2022
What is it?

For additional information and steps related to receipts, proof of payment, and other documentation you may need when submitting an Expense Report in Concur, refer to the Receipts and Proof of Payment in Concur job aid.

Receipts for all expenses equal to or in excess of $50 are required to be attached to the expense line item. Original receipts must be provided for all air, lodging, and rental car expenses regardless of the amount. A receipt may take many forms (i.e. cash register receipt, copy of an order form, web receipt, or confirmation).

Proof of payment is required to demonstrate that payment was tendered. Proof of payment is often included on the receipt. If the receipt does not include proof of payment, you will need to append it to your Expense Item.

A Missing Receipt Declaration must be added for Expense Items missing required receipts.

Who’s it for?

Payees who are submitting Expense Reports where receipts or documentation are needed to justify an Expense Item or Expense Report.

How do I do it? 

How do I do it?

Refer to the Creating Expense Reports in Concur job aid for information on how to create and submit an Expense Report. Attach receipts to Expense Items where they are required. Only attach receipts or other documentation to the Expense Item directly related to that expense.

1.         Click the Upload Receipt Image section.

Screenshot 1

The Attach Receipt window appears displaying previously attached receipts or receipts you captured using the Concur Mobile App.

screenshot 2

2. Click Upload Receipt Image to search and select the image from your files to attach or you can select a receipt from Available Receipts. The receipt image appears in the Expense Item screen.

screenshot 3

For full details on appending proof of payment, other documentation, and attaching Missing Receipt Declarations, refer to the Receipts and Proof of Payment in Concur job aid.