Travel on Sponsored Funds

Find information about traveling on sponsored funds for Columbia.

    If you are traveling using Sponsored Funds please be aware that these awards are subject to certain federal laws and guidelines set forth in the Uniform Guidance (as referenced below).

    Travelers must also be sure to comply with the Federal government's Fly America Act. For additional information please reference Columbia’s Fly America policy.

    It is important to note that sponsored awards may include requirements for the use of diversity and disadvantaged travel-related suppliers. Review your sponsored award to see the proposed travel provider, or email the Columbia Travel Procurement Team for assistance in identifying a qualified provider.

    For more information regarding Sponsored travel requirements, please visit Columbia Research to find up-to-date information.

    Anyone planning to travel internationally on a Federally sponsored project is responsible for knowing and adhering to the Fly America Act. The following resources have been designed to help you understand the provisions:

    • Columbia's Policy – The Fly America Act (Title 49, United States Code, Sec. 40118 - Government-financed air transportation) is a Federal regulation that states that any foreign air travel that is financed by Federal funds must be booked on U.S. Flag Air Carriers, regardless of cost or convenience. Only Federally funded sponsored projects are subject to this policy.

    • Guidelines – View these guidelines on the U.S. General Services Administration website.

    • Exceptions Form (pdf) – If travel a US carrier airline was not used for travel, the traveler must complete the Fly America Exception form and attach the form to their Expense Report. The Financial Approver in Concur will be required to acknowledge the Fly America Exception Reason.

    • Decision Tree (pdf) – This diagram will help you determine if you are able to take advantage of an Open Skies Agreement exception to fly on a foreign carrier, or if you MUST fly on a U.S. Flag Carrier or code-shared flight.

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