Travel and Expense Corporate Card

Learn about the Travel and Expense Corporate Card, applying for the Corporate Card, roles and responsibilities, and taking the training.

The Travel and Expense Corporate Card (T&E Corporate Card) is a Visa credit card issued by Bank of America. It can be used by eligible individuals to pay for University-approved travel and business-related expenses. It is a corporate liable card product with all expenses paid by the University, reducing the need for out-of-pocket expenditures by employees. However, please note that the cardholder is responsible for the monthly reconciliation of charges in Concur.

View the Travel and Expense Corporate Card Policy for more information.


The following are eligibility guidelines for University employees who would like to apply for the Travel and Expense Corporate Card (T&E Corporate Card):

  • Must have access to the Concur Expense module in order to reconcile charges
  • Intended for frequent travelers: employees who plan to travel out of town five / six or more times annually (approximately every other month)
  • Are a departmental Columbia University Travel Arranger that books travel on behalf of other employees and guests

Schools and departments may decide not to authorize the issuance of a card at their own discretion.


Schools / administrative units may apply for the T&E Corporate Card on an employee's behalf during the pilot period.

Please be advised that the address provided on the Corporate Card application serves as the primary address on the T&E Corporate Card account. This address is noted as the primary billing and shipping address within the banking system. This address will also be used by the bank when sending any replacement and renewal cards.


The Cardholder is responsible for complying with all University policies and procedures associated with Travel and Expense Corporate Card (T&E Corporate Card) transactions, including:

  • Using the Corporate Card to make University-authorized purchases for valid business purposes, including Travel Arrangers who are making travel arrangements on behalf of others
  • Reviewing and reconciling Corporate Card transactions in a timely manner and in compliance with Corporate Card deadlines


The Approver is responsible for:

  • Approving travel and expense transactions made by Cardholders in a timely manner and in compliance with deadlines
  • Reviewing all Corporate Card transactions for compliance with policies and procedures

Departmental P-Card Administrator

Responsibilities of the Departmental P-Card Administrator's (DPAD) include:

  • Act as a primary liaison between the Procurement Card team and the Cardholders in their department
  • Respond to departmental inquiries regarding Corporate Card policies and procedures
  • Manage and approve Corporate Card applications for new participants
  • Authorize and initiate changes to existing participant credit limits
  • Conduct regular reviews of the departmental Corporate Card program to ensure compliance with policies and procedures

Authorized Travel and Expense Corporate Card users will be sent a link to the Travel and Expense Corporate Card Policy and Usage training following the completion and approval of their card application.

If personal expenses are charged on the T&E Corporate card either intentionally or inadvertently, the cardholder has 20 days from the trip end date for travel expenses or 20 days from the transaction date for business expenses to reimburse the University.

A personal check can either be deposited by the department using their Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) machine (if the department has one), bank mobile applications, or directly with the bank at a branch. Please contact [email protected] for policy, bank account information, and detailed instructions including utilizing Bank of America CashPro mobile application on a cellphone to make check deposits.

For information on making payments to the University, view the relevant website or job aid below:

Personal purchases will result in the P-Card team having a discussion with the Departmental P-Card Administrator (DPAD) regarding a potential term of suspension or revocation of the card.

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