Find the requirements and restrictions when booking hotels.

    Columbia University has negotiated discounted room rates with specific hotels in New York City's Upper West Side, which offer competitive pricing and value-added amenities.

    Preferred Hotels for New York City

    • The Belleclaire*
    • The Radio Hotel Washington Heights
    • The Lucerne
    • Aloft Harlem
    • Warwick New York
    • ArtHouse*
    • Edge Hotel Washington Heights

    *These hotels include complimentary breakfast in Columbia negotiated rates.

    You can view a list of Columbia University's preferred NYC hotels and their pricing, which is valid through June 30, 2024.  

    The Purchasing Department is continually looking to add additional hotels to our preferred hotel program and we encourage you to check this site periodically to learn about new program offers.

    Travelers are required to utilize hotels and other traditional lodging options when traveling on University business.  Through World Travel, Inc.’s Global Hotel Program partnerships, travelers will gain immediate access to competitive rates at over 44,000 hotel properties across the globe, from boutique hotels to major chains. Partnership rates at participating hotels will automatically display in Concur as “Radius” rates under “Room Options” and may also be booked over the phone with a World Travel Counselor.

    Note: When booking a hotel in Concur, expand on the blue “Get Rates” or “View Rooms” tab to view all room options.  It is important to always click on the “Rules and cancellation policy” link to determine if you are booking a highly restricted room rate which is non-refundable/non-cancelable/non-changeable.  Rates that require a deposit or prepayment in full are usually an indication that the rate is non-refundable/non-cancelable/non-changeable.  Rates requiring a deposit at hotels in Las Vegas or at some conference hotels are the exception, as in these instances deposits may be refundable if a booking is cancelled by the specified time outlined by the hotel.

    If selecting a rate that may be changed or cancelled, always read the hotel’s cancellation policy line-by-line as polices vary widely by hotel and in some cases, the dates of your stay.

    Please note that home sharing platforms may not be used and will only be reimbursed with an approved exception.

    When traveling to a conference at which a hotel conference rate has been negotiated, the room must be booked directly through the conference organizers or with the hotel in order to get the conference rate.

    Conference rates cannot be booked via Concur Travel.

    A corporate or personal credit card is required to guarantee all hotel bookings and the card is only charged in the event of a no-show, or if the booking is not canceled by the specified cancelation deadline. If the cardholder is also the traveler, the same card may be presented at check-in to pay for the hotel stay. 

    Note: The card used to guarantee the booking does not automatically prepay or direct bill a hotel stay. If you are booking a hotel for a guest and you would like their hotel stay to be billed to a CU corporate card (instead of the guest’s card), you can set up Direct Billing with the specific hotel.  Please follow these security guidelines:

    • Contact the hotel directly
    • Request a third party credit card authorization form
    • Never email or fax a complete credit card number to any hotel
    • Never email or fax a photo of the credit card or the cardholder’s driver’s license
    • Complete credit card numbers should always be provided to the hotel over the phone
    • Credit card authorizations should only include the last four digits of the card number that has been provided over the phone

    These guidelines are critical to the security of credit cards while ensuring that an alternate credit card is directly billed for the guest's stay.  Guests will still need to present a credit card upon check-in for incidentals that may be charged to their room.

    Should any of Columbia's preferred hotels in New York City refuse to comply with these security guidelines, please email the Columbia Travel Procurement Team.

    Note: Acceptance of a 3rd party credit card at all other domestic or international hotels, is solely based on the discretion of the individual hotel.

    Still have questions?

    Routine travel questions may be emailed to World Travel, Inc.

    For all other questions, visit our Finance Service Center.