How do I enter a Default ChartString in my Concur Profile?

How to enter a  Default ChartString in my Concur Profile

May 06, 2022
What is it?

A ChartString is a series of ChartFields that track information about your expense and the funding associated with it. By entering a default ChartString in your profile, it is automatically populated in your Expense Reports. If needed, the ChartString information can be edited on individual Expense Reports if it differs from the default. In addition, individual Expense Report lines can be allocated to multiple ChartStrings. The ChartFields in Expense Reports can also be modified by the Financial Approver, if necessary.

ChartString information is setup in the Request Settings or Expense Settings sections of your Profile. Settings for Request/Expense Information are exactly the same and updating these settings can be accomplished in either place as the information is identical.

Refer to the Concur Profile Quick Guide or Setting up Your Concur Profile for Travel and Expense User Training Guide for instructions on completing your Profile.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who uses Concur to submit Expense Reports.

How do I do it? 

1. Log in to Concur and click Profile on the top right of your screen and select Profile Settings.

screenshot 1

2. Click Request Information or the Expense Information link.

screenshot 2

The Department and ChartString form appears.

screenshot 3

The Request / Expense Information is pre-populated from PAC with your School, Division, Sub-Division and Admin Department. These values will default to new Requests / Reports and have an impact on workflow routing. The Admin Department will drive approval workflow routing to the Initial Reviewer and Division will drive workflow routing to Senior Business Officers, when applicable.

3.  Update the Admin Department, if needed. The Admin Department will drive approval workflow routing to the Initial Reviewer when applicable. It is possible that your Admin Department may not be populated or is incorrect. Ask your Departmental Administrator for guidance on how to update PAC.

Refer to Job Aid: The Concur Approval Workflow for additional details.

4. Search and select the ChartFields. Only budget valid ChartFields are available. The GL BU (1), Department (2), PC Business Unit (3), Project (4), and Activity (5) ChartFields drive workflow routing to the Financial Approver. These values are a connected list and need to be entered in sequential order. In each field, you can click the dropdown to toggle between using Text (name) or the Code (alphanumeric code) to search for the matching value.

screenshot 3

5.   Click Save after updating the form.

Below is a template that can be completed by the Financial Administrator in your department to assist you with populating the default ChartField values in your profile:

screenshot 5