How do I add attendees/recipients to a Group Meal, Entertainment, or Gift Expense?

Adding attendees in concur

January 05, 2021
What is it?

When you add Expense Items for Group Meals or Entertainment to your Expense Report, you must document the names of the Attendees (if over 10 people, only the number of Attendees is required), and the relationship of the Attendees to the University. If you add an Expense Item for Gifts, a full list of all Attendees / Recipients is required, no matter the number. If needed, you can append a document to the Expense receipt listing the names and affiliations of the Attendees.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who is submitting Expense Reports for Group Meals, Entertainment, or Gifts.

How do I do it? 

In this example, we will create New Attendees / Recipients to add to this Expense Item. After you create Attendees / Recipients, you can search and add them to future Expense Items (refer to the Creating Expense Reports in Concur job aid for details on how to create an Expense Report and add Expense Items).

Begin by adding the appropriate Group Meal, Entertainment, or Gift Expense Item to your Expense Report.

1. Complete the required fields in the Expense Items screen. You cannot enter Attendees / Recipients until you have entered the Amount.

Image of first screen

2. Click the Attendees / Recipients link. The Attendees screen appears.

Image 2

3. Click the Add button. The Add Attendees screen appears. If you added attendees to previous Expense Items, they are displayed so that you can add them again, if needed.

Image 3

4. Click the Attendees tab.

another image

5. Click Create New Attendee. The Create New Attendee window appears.

image 4

6. Select the Attendee Type (i.e., CU Administration, CU Faculty, Outside Party, etc.) and then populate the Last Name and First Name fields for the attendee.

  • For Group Meals or Entertainment - If the number of attendees exceeded 10 people, select Group Event – 10+ Attendees for the Attendee Type, enter an Event Name, and then enter the number of attendees.
  • For Gifts - You must enter the names of all recipients, no matter the number. You can populate Last Name with “Attached” and First Name with “List” and append a document to the Expense receipt listing the recipient names, UNI’s or affiliations of the recipients, and gift amount for each person.  For more information on how to append supporting or additional documentation to an Expense Item, please refer to the Adding a Missing Receipt Declaration to a Concur Expense Item job aid.

7.   Click Create Attendee. The Create New Attendee window remains open for you to add additional attendees.

8.   Click Cancel after adding the last New Attendee. The names you created appear in the Attendees screen.

Last image

9.   Click Save.