How do Approvers view comments in Expense Reports?

Tip for Approvers to learn how to view comments in Expense Reports?

February 25, 2021
What is it?

Payees are required to enter comments as justification for certain Expense Items that contain policy exceptions. View the Concur Expense Policy Exception Approval Workflow Requirements job aid for more details. After an Expense Report is submitted into workflow for approval, Approvers need to be able to view the comments in order to evaluate the Payee’s justification and make the appropriate approval decision.

Who’s it for?

Approvers who need to view Payee comments to evaluate policy exception justification, Approvers who want to see comments from other Approvers. and Payees who want to understand how their comments are viewed by their Approvers.

How do I do it? 

The following are the steps for Approvers to view Expense Reports pending their approval and any comments entered for Expense Items:

1. Navigate to the Approvals tab and select Reports. The list of Reports Pending your Approval appears.

screen shot

Alerts indicate exceptions contained within the Expense Reports listed, if any.

2.  Click the Expense Report you want to view for approval. The Expense Report appears with alerts indicating which Expense Items contain exceptions and if the item contains a comment.


screen shot 2

3.  Mouse over the Comment icon to view the comment history. If the Expense is itemized, you may need to expand the Expense in order to view the relevant comment.


screen shot

In the example above, the meal expense is over the policy threshold and the Comment / Justification was included with the Meal Segregated – Lunch itemization.

Click on the Expense Item to display the most recent Comment on the right side of the screen. Click View All to see the comment history


screen shot