What are "Available Expenses" in Concur?

How to find available expenses in Concur.

April 25, 2022
What is it?

When you purchase air or rail tickets using the Columbia Air / Rail Central Pay mechanism through Concur Travel, or if you make purchases using the Travel and Expense Corporate Card, you do not incur any out of pocket expenditures. However, you must reconcile these purchases in a Concur Expense Report. They conveniently appear in the Available Expenses section for you to select and add to an Expense Report.

Corporate Card and Air / Rail Central Pay transactions typically take 48 to 72 hours to appear in Available Expenses. The timing is dependent on when the merchant sends the transaction to the bank.

In addition, any receipts you photographed using the Concur mobile app, appear under Available Expenses for you to add to an Expense Report.

Finally, when you submit an Expense Report, a Report Total window appears to show you what the University pays to the Air / Rail Central Pay, Corporate Card, and to you.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who uses Concur Travel to purchase Air or Rail, uses the Travel and Expense Corporate Card, or uses the Concur mobile app to capture receipts.

How do I do it? 

1. In Concur, click the Expense tab. The Report Library View displays Active Expense Reports and the Available Expenses list displays any transactions from the Columbia Air / Rail Central Pay, CU Corporate Card, or receipts that you photographed using the Concur mobile app (labeled Cash/Personal Credit Card.)  You will also see receipts from Uber / Lyft if you have set up your Uber or Lyft app to send receipts to Concur.

screenshot of expense tab

2. Select the Check Box for the Expense Item you want to add to an Expense Report.

screenshot of checkbox

In this example, the CU Corporate Card was used to purchase the Car Rental but the receipt was also added separately using the Concur mobile app. In most instances, Concur automatically identifies and matches the receipt to the Corporate Card transaction. In some cases, you may need to select both items and click the Combine Expenses button.

3. Click the Move to dropdown and select to add the transaction to an unsubmitted Expense Report or to a New Report.

screenshot of unsubmitted expense report

4.   Complete your Expense Report.

5.   After you complete your Expense, click Submit Report and Accept & Continue.

screenshot of submit report

In this example, the Payee will be reimbursed $110 for a business meal and Columbia will pay the $982.13 Corporate Card transaction for the rental car.