Remember to submit your Expense Report within 120 days

Submitting your Expense Report within 120 days.

March 26, 2021
What is it?

Employees are expected to submit Expense Reports within 120 days from the trip end date for Travel Expenses or the date a business expense is incurred for Business Expenses. If the Report is submitted after 120 days, you must provide justification comments to describe the circumstances leading to the late submission. If the circumstances described would not have prevented the employee from submitting within the required timeframe, expenses submitted after 120 days may be considered taxable income. View the Business Expense Policy and the Concur Expense Policy Exception Approval Workflow Requirements job aid for more details.

Who’s it for?

Employees that have to submit Expense Reports.

How do I do it?

If the Expense Report that you are creating is 120 days or more from the trip end date or the date a business expense is incurred, this will prompt an alert to indicate the exception that you must address.

screenshot 1

Note: The example above is a Business Expense Report which displays the alert for exceeding 120 days as soon as you save the Expense Item. Travel Expense Reports are based on the trip end date and will display the alert for exceeding 120 days upon clicking the Submit button for the Report.

1.   Click the row for the Expense Item with the alert to open it.

screenshot 2

Notice the Alert at the top of the Expense window and the associated Action.

2.   Type your justification in the Comment/Justification field.
The following are examples of non-taxable circumstances:

  • Prolonged travel with no mechanism to submit expenses (i.e., no internet)
  • Medical issues interfering with your ability to submit

      The following are examples of taxable circumstances:

  • Too busy
  • No administrative support to prepare the report
  • Lack of knowledge of policy

3.   Click Attach Receipt Image or, if a receipt is already attached, click Append to attach any supporting documentation.

4.   Click the Save Expense button.