How do I view the approval status of an Expense Report I approved?

Learn how to view the approval status of an Expense Report you approved.

November 18, 2020
What is it?

As a Concur Approver, the default view shows the Expense Reports pending your approval. You can change the View to display the Expense Reports that you have approved in the past and then view the Approval Flow of a selected Expense Report.

Who’s it for?

Anyone who has an Approval role in Concur.

How do I do it? 

1. Log into Concur and click the Approvals tab. Your Approvals queue appears.

Screenshot of Approvals queue in Concur.

2. Click the Reports link. The initial view of Reports Awaiting Your Approval appears in the Expense Report List.

Screenshot of reports pending your approval page in Concur.

3. Click the View dropdown and select the desired View for the Reports you Approved.

Screenshot of Approvals dropdown.

The results for the selected View appear.

Screenshot of all reports you approved page in Concur.

4. Click the desired Expense Report row to open.

Screenshot of approval row dropdown in Concur.

5. Click the Details menu and select Approval Flow. The Approval Flow window appears displaying the approval workflow and status.

Screenshot of approval flow for report in Concur.