How do I update approval flow with a Senior Business Officer?

How do I update approval flow with a Senior Business Officer?

July 06, 2021
What is it?

As a Financial Approver, you may be approving an Expense Report with policy exceptions that require Senior Business Officer (SBO) approval. Usually, after you approve an Expense Report, it is automatically routed to the correct SBO without any additional action from you. However, if there are multiple SBO’s for the Department, you will receive an error preventing you from completing your approval. To carry out the approval, you only need to select one of the available SBO’s, as detailed below.

Who’s it for?

Financial Approvers approving Expense Reports that may require additional SBO approval.

How do I do it?

1. After you review the Expense Report, click the Approve button, then click Accept on the Confirmation window. If the Expense Report contains policy exceptions that require SBO approval AND there are multiple SBO’s, the Edit Approval Flow window appears with the following error:


screenshot 1

2. Enter an asterisk “*” in the SBO Approval field. The names of all the available SBO’s for your Department appear.


screenshot 2

3. Select an SBO from the list.

4. Click Approve.