How do I populate justification comments for policy exceptions?

How to populate justification comments for policy exceptions.

March 22, 2021
What is it?

Payees are required to enter comments as justification for certain Expense Items that contain policy exceptions. Supplemental approval is no longer necessary. View the Concur Expense Policy Exception Approval Workflow Requirements job aid for more details. After an Expense Report is submitted into workflow for approval, Approvers view the comments in order to evaluate the Payee’s justification and make the appropriate approval decision.

Who’s it for?

Payees that need to enter justification comments for policy exceptions in their Expense Reports.

How do I do it?

When you are creating an Expense Report, an alert will to indicate any policy exceptions associated with an Expense Item you must address.

screenshot 1

1.   Click the row for the Expense Item with the alert to open it.


screenshot 2

Notice the Alert at the top of the Expense window and the associated Action. In this example, a justification is required for exceeding the threshold for this Expense Type.

2.   Type your justification in the Comment/Justification field.

3.   Click the Save Expense button.

Note: Expense Reports submitted through Concur which contain exceptions that by policy require Senior Business Officer Approval and are not covered by existing audit rules, require the Supervisor / Initial Reviewer or Financial Approver to manually insert the Senior Business Officer as an Ad Hoc approver.