How do I manage a missing receipt in my Expense Report?

Managing missing receipts in concur

January 12, 2021
What is it?

Original receipts must be provided for all air, lodging, and rental car expenses. For all other expense types, receipts must be provided if the expense is equal to or in excess of $50. Payee justification is required and a Missing Receipt Declaration must be added for Expense Items missing required receipts

Who’s it for?

Payees who are submitting Expense Reports with missing receipts. The Missing Receipt Declaration must be added by the payee and cannot be added by a preparer delegate or approver.

How do I do it? 

When viewing the Expense list in your Expense Report, where one or more Expense items are missing receipts, click the Manage Receipts drop down menu and select Missing Receipt Declaration.

screen shot 1

The Create Receipt Declaration appears.

screen shot 2

2. Select the checkboxes for the Expense Items missing receipts and click Accept & Create. The Receipt column displays the Missing Receipt Declaration icon.

screen shot 3